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Togo coach in quit threat
Published On: December 6, 2012, 12:15 GMT
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Togo coach in quit threat

Six: Not happy

Togo coach Didier Six says he may quit the national team if his preparations for the upcoming Africa Cup of Nations continue to be undermined.

Tottenham striker Emmanuel Adebayor has already issued a threat to the Togolese Football Federation (TFF) stating that he would pull out of the touring squad if money owed to him and his international teammates are not paid in full.

The dispute stretches as far back as the 2006 World Cup where it is claimed the federation failed to make good on payment promises.

And with this money dispute hanging over his side's preparations, Six admitted he may have no choice but to walk away from his job.

He told Radio France International: "I'm held hostage by the situation and I have no other solution but to think about my future.

"This raises inevitable questions about a year spent putting a team together and then the entire edifice crumbling inside a very short time.

"I'm not the type to abandon ship if things go wrong but I'm not one to try and keep the balance either."

Goalkeeper Kossi Agassa added: "We believed the problems would be solved and we would prepare for the Nations Cup in a good atmosphere.

"But if the coach goes and Adebayor is not there, then you can expect others will also pull out."

Togo have been grouped with tournament favourites Ivory Coast and previous winners Algeria and Tunisia.

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