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2013 Cowbell Bike Tour: Anim survives ghastly crash to win stage 4
From: Ghana/Myjoyonline.com          Published On: May 30, 2013, 23:41 GMT
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2013 Cowbell Bike Tour: Anim survives ghastly crash to win stage 4

After a horrific crash at Bechem (Ďfirst Point Chaudí), exactly 65km from the starting line; Samuel Anim of Young stars found himself on the floor in agony, after a precarious crash within the peloton.

Knowing that he needed to preserve his red and green Jerseys, Anim was quickest out of the bunch 200m to the first hotspot.

However, his attack was thwarted by Adnam Mohammed (River Park Sunyani) and Isaac Odonkor (All Stars), Animís teammate Isaac Sackey (Yellow Jersey) then swiftly kicked ahead of Adan and Odonkor, who was a threat to his reign, to win the first hot spot.

Unfortunately hell broke loose on his teammate Samuel Anim, when the bunch behind run into him, leaving about 7 of the cyclists on the floor stunned and severely bruised.

Fourminutes later, mindful of the threat to the yellow jersey, Anim (the best bike cycling sprinter in the country) picked himself up, stomached the pain, swallowed every cyclist ahead of him and zoomed to the finish line at Jubilee Park, Sunayani to the disbelief of the Officials ,coaches, fellow riders and the media.

As it happened from KumasI to Sunyani (109KM)

Abuakwa (Kumasi) - Start line

At 2.5km into the race there is a 200m lead from the main peloton by Nyamekye Fetus (Young Stars)

At 5km Fetus attacks harder and extends his lead to 300m

At 6km chasing peloton increases chasing pace

At 8km Fetus kicking really hard to keep 300m lead

At 10km lead of Fetus is halved by John Zormelo (veteran Rider) of Quick Steps

At 12km Zormelo is 50m away from Fetus and 100m away from the main Peloton

At 14km 10 Riders including Godwin Dzheha (city Migro), Moro Amadu (young Stars), victor Cudjoe (All Stars), Abdul Razak Umar (Die Hard) and 6 others escape the main peloton to form a new bunch

At 15km the 10 riders breakaway from the main peloton by 150m

At 20km the pace by the 10 riders (leading peloton) increases rapidly

At 22km Antony Boakye (Sunyani River Park) a member of the leading 10 riders, rides of the main road and, poooow, his tyre is punctured. He is out of the leading 10

At 24km Godwin Dzeheha slows down because of mud around his brakes

At 26km the 9 leading peloton is 180m away from the main bunch, where Samuel Anim, Henry (Defending Champion) and Isaac sackey (yellow Jersey) keep each other in check.

At 30km Victor Cudjoe slows down to help Godwin, by riding slowly, whilst removing the mud from Godwinís back brake, a show of true sportsmanship

At 36km the gap is now 120m between the nine leading peloton and the yellow jersey peloton (main bunch?)

At 39km the 9 leading riders are tired and they are being swallowed by the main bunch

At 42km some riders try to escape the big bunch but they canít sustain it

At 45km Godwin and his teammate Aryittey Akoto are ahead of the bunch by 50m

At 50km Godwin and Akoto are back in the main bunch

At 54km Prosper Agbo (Die Hard) and Agbuglah Micheal (Guten) lead the bunch by 70km

At 58km Samuel Anim is in front of the bunch but the bunch stays with him

At 60km Prosper and Michael canít kick harder they are swallowed by the bunch

At 63km to 2 km to Beeches which is the first hotspot, the sprinting begins

At 65km Yellow jersey (Isaac Sackey) wins the first hotspot followed by Mohammed Aminu Osam (river park Kumasi) and Francis Tetteh (Migro)
Samuel Anim is involve in a nasty crash, heís in pain and stunned, 3 minutes later ,he picks himself later bruised on his legs and hands

At 67km Tetteh Djanmah leads the leading peloton; he is informed that Anim has a problem so he takes advantage by increasing his pace. Isaac Sackey remains vigilant and stays closely behind Henry

The bunch moves together with a steady pace until at 76km when the sprinting begins because we are approaching the second hotspot

At 78km (second Hotspot: Duayaw-Nkwanta) Isaac Donkor comes in first, yellow Jersey comes in second followed by Adnan Mohammed.

At 82km the bunch splits into two.

At 84km 2o riders make up leading peloton including Yellow Jersey, Emmanuel Sackey, and defending champion leading the way.

At 87km the leading peloton is not visible to the second peloton of 15 riders, noticeably among them the 9 riders who broke away early in the competition

At 92 Yellow jersey tries to attack, but it is foil by the rest of the bunch. The leading bunch moves together

At 95km Samuel Anim catches up with the peloton behind the leading bunch

At 98km Anim is within reach of the leading peloton

At 100kmthe leading bunch increases their speed

At 103km Samuel Anim is 60m behind the leading bunch as his coach urges him on to finish strongly

At 105 Samuel Anim is within the leading peloton as the sprinting begins

At 107 Samuel Anim is slightly ahead of the leading peloton to the disbelief of some of the riders and officials

At 108 everyone in the leading peloton gives his best by kicking extremely fast to the finish

At 109 race ends at Jubilee Park, Sunyani. SAMUEL ANIM WINS STAGE VICTORY
Mohammed Aminu is second and Francis Tetteh third.

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